The company

Santino Meggiorini

Born in Bovolone in 1943, Santino Meggiorini comes from a large and very poor peasant family. He is the last of nine brothers and started working at a young age. At 10 years old, he already had his first experience in one of the first Bovolone sawmills. On reaching the age of majority , he decided to learn the profession of carpentry, 2el marangon" , going to a shop in one of the first artisan firms in the area.

In 1963, he married Agnese and lived in a small adjacent house, which was his first place of work . Two years later, he took a big step forward: he started his own business by buying an electric planer, a saw and a carpenter's bench.

The first woodworks

The first items produced are dog kennels and wooden bed warmers. The latter, a highly sought-after artifact at the time, consisting of two curved arches with a shelf in the center where you can place a container for embers. Meanwhile, the Meggiorini family is expanding: Loris, Giampietro and Michela are born and, as soon as they finish middle school, they immediately start working in the family business. In a short time the company "Meggiorini e figli" will be born and, after years of sacrifices, Santino will buy its first land, building a shed of about 300 square meters.

The 70s

At that time, the company worked at full capacity, and within a few years, it moved to occupy a prominent position on the national market. Santino hired new employees to keep up with demand.

The company

From craftsman to entrepreneur the step is short. Santino has always had a forward-looking approach to furniture production; research, development and a different vision are the ingredients that will lead him to commission architects and designers for new models to be put on the market.

Today the Meggiorini company covers an area of ​​over 30,000 square meters. The company places itself on the Italian classic furniture market with a strong identity coming from the tradition of craftsmanship of the art furniture of the Veronese plain.


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