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Beauty, antiquity and rarity, together with the dominant fashions of various periods, have always led the company to reproduce the artistic artefacts of the past; among all the constructions of furniture, which have been subject to this attention more than other objects, our products are not intended for common use . What happened in the 20th century south of Verona, in the famous centres of Bovolone and Cerea and in the small village of Asparetto, which hosted the historic workshop of Giuseppe Merlin, is proof of this . In fact, the birth of thousands and thousands of small shops dedicated to the construction of furniture, both as a artistic and stylistic pieces , has sanctioned how rarely in the history of our country has the creativity and industriousness of a people happened always dedicated to work .

From peasants to artisans, and from artisans to small industrial entrepreneurs, the people of the ‘Bassa Veronese’ have retraced the history of the styles of the past to pursue the construction of more and more refined and valuable furniture. This work is not a return to classicism, neither in the narrow sense of Greco-Roman art nor the broader sense of Renaissance classicism, 18th-century neoclassicism or the eclecticism of the late 19th century, which ranges from the Baroque to the Venetian rococo. Rather, it is a movement of taste and a sensibility for the proportions and details of an inlay or carving that make our furniture recognizable as ‘classic’ objects, or even a ‘works of art’ that persist through time—testimony to the timelessness of manual ability. From this perspective, the story of Santino Meggiorini and his workshop has evolved through heart, passion and a lot of commitment. Santino has always cultivated a careful production vision of furniture based on research and development and commissioning architects and designers to introduce new models to the market.

Text by Alberto Vincenzo Vaccari

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