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Beauty, antiquity and rarity, together with the prevailing fashions in the various periods, have always induced the reproduction of the artistic artifacts of the past; among all, the construction of furniture, which has undergone these attentions more than other objects, not intended as these for common use. What happened in the 20th century south of Verona, in the better-known towns of Bovolone and Cerea, and in the small village of Asparetto where Giuseppe Merlin's historic workshop operated, is proof of this. In fact, the birth of thousands and thousands of small workshops devoted to the construction of furniture, whether as art furniture or furniture in style, has sanctioned as has rarely happened in the history of our country the creativity and industriousness of a people who have always been dedicated to work.

Below you will find some of the items in our collection, we build with passion and dedication completely in-house, taking care of every detail. Product conception and creation

Chairs, Armchairs, Tables, Beds, Dressers, Nightstands, Wooden Mirrors in Classic Style

From peasants to craftsmen and from artisans to small industrial entrepreneurs, the people of the 'bassa veronese' have retraced the history of past styles in order to follow up on the construction of ever more refined and valuable furniture. This was not a new return to classicism, neither in the narrow sense of Greco-Roman art nor in the broader sense of Renaissance classicism or 18th century neoclassicism or late 19th century eclecticism, passing through Venetian Baroque and Rococo, but of a taste, of a sensitivity to size, to proportions and to the details of inlay and carving, which makes an object immediately recognisable as 'classic' or even as a 'work of art' that will remain in time, evidence of timeless craftsmanship. This is how the story of Meggiorini Santino and his workshop has evolved, through heart, passion and great commitment. Santino has always cultivated an attentive view of furniture production, with research and development aimed at commissioning architects and designers to create new models to put on the market.

Text by Alberto Vincenzo Vaccari

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